The Centre for Young Africans (CFYA) is built to help create and grow the average African children and youth to achieve their aspirations for change and sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help train and raise responsible young Africans through mentoring and innovative programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact and develop young boys and girls with active and creative minds, to have sense of understanding and compassion for others, to have the courage to act upon their beliefs and to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Our Project Signatures

1. Climate Change Action / SDGs-To bring together numerous youth humanitarian and environmental organizations across African countries to sanitised Africa affected areas and particularly the rural communities.

2. Guidance & Counseling for Drug Abuse -To help Africa youths understand what triggers addiction to drugs and the side effects, and to make healthier decisions in their future.

3. Youth Leadership Training Programmes-To help train young Africans to tackle puberty and understand their potential as an adults.

4. Skills & Industrial Training-To encourage a large number of Africa youths to take up industry-relevant skills training that will help them achieve sustainable livelihoods.

5. Youth Peace Building-To help foster peace among Africa Youths, and to inspire Africa youths to follow positive and successful paths in their lives.

6. Love & Relationships-To assist with love & relationship tips or advice to make your relationship better.

7. Youth & Education-To support Africa young people by equal access to effective learning and life skills programmes.

8. Youth & Entertainment-To support Africa young people by equal access to effective learning and life skills programmes.

9. Teens & Youth Mentoring-To help turn adolescents & youth negative experience into a positive one.

10. Youth & Politics-To help inspire young Africans to become more active in their respective societies’ political profession and leadership roles.

11. Talent Hunt-Searching for the best talent and providing recognition to the talented as well as promoting those talent through scholarships and financial support to talented young people interested in the performing art.

12. Entrepreneurship Training-To train and educate young Africans on how to create and build something practically out of nothing.

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